Integrated marketing communications is a term that’s used a bit loosely these days. At Gelia, we define it as the ability to devise a comprehensive strategy, marry traditional and digital advertising, increase online conversions, deliver globally and measure results. But maybe that’s just us.

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Keeping good company

Keeping good company

These are some of the regional, national and global brands that have trusted Gelia to help them become – or remain – the leaders in their industry. Contact us to see how we can help you.

The Work Shop with Mike Rowe

A strategic microsite with a celebrity hook

Mike Rowe and Caterpillar have joined forces, and Gelia has combined their brands to develop a product support site. It's designed to allow Caterpillar technical experts to share their knowledge with customers of all sizes and geographic locations – in exchange for registering. Click here to see the site.

From SEM to sale

From SEM through sale

We have a proven process for generating quality leads via search engine marketing and online advertising, then tracking each lead all the way through the sales cycle — from the first hit right to the quote. See how we helped Caterpillar.

Vantage Point™ Strategy Sessions

Vantage Point strategy sessions

Through this best-practice process, you can build consensus for a focused strategic marketing vision and message platform by holding a summit meeting of your key stakeholders.

Voice of Customer Research

Voice of Customer

Through our in-house market research facility, you have the advantage of determining what your customers truly want and need prior to launching a campaign – as well as the ability to evaluate the results.