Our Work: Caterpillar

Generating & tracking leads worth billions.

As a full-service agency for this Fortune 50 company, Gelia creates and manages comprehensive marketing communications programs for many of its business units. We employ our full arsenal of services to develop global, metrics-driven programs.

Google Ad-Words Certified - Bing Partners - Gelia - Integrated Marketing Communications

Search engine marketing

Nearly 3,000 unique keywords are managed globally for Caterpillar by Gelia’s pay-per-click team of Google Specialists and Bing Partners.

Caterpillar - Eloqua Certified - Gelia - Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketing automation

We are certified by Eloqua and use its platform to develop and implement a database marketing strategy, execute lead nurture campaigns, and create extensive, advanced-level reporting.

Driving sales online

Our range of digital applications includes the Cat Resource Center, which provides a selector tool that quickly and intuitively guides visitors to their ideal machine. Based on recent UX testing, the site design and functionality were updated — resulting in an increase in leads and a conversion rate that doubled over the previous year.

Cat Resource Center - Gelia Marketing Communcations - Buffalo, NY

Video storytelling

Our work for Cat Marine is an example of how we showcase Cat® products in action. It’s our job to capture the ways Caterpillar makes life on the water more productive—with the high production value befitting this brand.

Caterpillar - Gelia - Integrated Marketing Communications

Conquest Campaigns

Gelia has completed multiple direct marketing campaigns aimed at luring potential customers away from the competition. This program has enjoyed extremely high dealer engagement, resulting in tens of millions in attributable sales.

The WorkShop Website featuring Mike Rowe

We needed to drive traffic to a site that migrates technical support information online. The hook? None other than Mike Rowe, who set the stage through some entertaining interactions with Cat tech support experts.

Caterpillar - Gelia - Integrated Marketing Communications

Social media

A key part of our content strategy is engaging with customers on social media platforms in a way that further connects them with the brand. Last year, those efforts resulted in 165,000+ Facebook Fans and nearly half a million Facebook Engagements.

Caterpillar - Gelia - Integrated Marketing Communications

Analytics & Dashboards

We make sense of the many layers of data we generate and provide to Caterpillar with digestible, actionable insights into what’s working best, what we can adjust, and where their budget is going so they can justify to their leadership.