Our Work: TRICO®

Integrating B2B and B2C.

TRICO® has long been the channel leader in the wiper blade industry. But with increased competition in a global environment, the company determined to refresh its brand. TRICO was also ready to pursue a more aggressive consumer-focused strategy, while continuing to support the sales channel.

A brand as strong as the product

Gelia developed a new logo mark, a fully unified packaging line, a sales-driven website and sales support materials. Which together form a strong brand identity that is relevant to both industry customers and everyday drivers.

Voice of customer

Gelia conducted extensive research studies and branding workshops to arrive at a promise that captures TRICO’s value to the consumer: That they can trust TRICO wipers to come through when they need them most.

TRICO - Gelia - Integrated Marketing Communications

Sales Support

For the B2B audience, TRICO provides a promise to protect their customers—and their reputation. Including all the materials the channel needs to promote and sell more wiper blades.

TRICO - Gelia - Integrated Marketing Communications

Be where the consumer is

To reach TRICO’s sports-oriented audience, Gelia has worked to acquire sponsorships for large-scale sporting events — with creative specifically tailored to each event. We’ve also showcased the TRICO brand in the bright lights of Times Square. And we leverage all of this unique creative through social media to drive further engagement.