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For a deep and varied product line, it was important to break down key buying information in a simple, user-friendly way. Gelia met with one of Caterpillar's top subject matter experts and extracted his best practices for framing products. Using our combination of journalistic and sales savvy, we converted his information into engaging – and trackable – online content.

innovative online content.

Get the facts page – for excavator buckets

With a wide variety of Cat® buckets, this page summarizing what to look for has helped significantly in moving individuals further down the purchasing funnel.

Cat Bucket

Selecting and buying page - for hammers

We took the data from a previous selector tool and created this article page to help the customer easily understand what products fit their application best.


Cat Hammer

Video content page - for demo and sorting grapples

These explanatory videos have performed the best of all of our content in terms of engagement, demonstrating that videos are effective in aiding the customer in purchase decisions.

Cat Grapple

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