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For Caterpillar Building Construction Products, its online Resource Center provides a valuable selector tool that quickly and intuitively guides visitors to their ideal machine. The site delivers tailored content, focusing on the machines, attachments, resources and offers most relevant to the visitor.

Cat Resource Center Homepage

bartering for the user's identity.

The primary goal of the site is lead generation, providing a consistent sales pipeline for dealers. To do that, Gelia creates valuable gated content that will motivate the visitor to share their information so that we can build a relationship with them.

Okay, let's make it even better.

Based on recent UX testing, the site design and functionality were updated. A successful product website still had plenty of room for improvement. Gelia dug in with three goals:

Cat Resource Center Website Filters

Improve the user experience

Cat Resource Center Form

Boost conversions

Cat Resource Center Specs & Resources

Increase content engagement


Users engaging with new site elements 3X more likely to convert.

Increase conversion rates by 261%.

75%+ of visitors to product pages engaging with educational content.

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