don't tell me – show me.

How do you get invincible young adults to think about eating healthy? That was the task ahead of Healthy Options® – whose mission is to help Western New Yorkers make healthier choices. Gelia found a way to reach this audience right at a moment when they're about to make a poor food choice.

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healthy dialogues

a one-day stunt that lived on.

Students from the University at Buffalo were caught by surprise when their vending machine suddenly started talking to them – questioning their snack decision. The prank became a hit on both social media and throughout the community, garnering extensive media coverage.

  • 2 minutes to eat, 20 minutes to work off

    This talking vending machine video catches Western New York college students by surprise when the "machine" asks them to work off their snacks.

    Video: 2 Minutes to Eat. 20 Minutes to Work Off
  • Looks like junk inside. Feels like junk inside.

    This clips asks the students to promise they'll eat healthier. What would the vending machine get you to say?

    Video: Looks Like Junk Inside. Feels Like Junk Inside.
  • More Syllables = Less Nutrition

    This video catches consumers by surprise when the "machine" asks them to pronounce their snack's ingredients.

    Video: More Syllables = Less Nutrition

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