anybody can walk on water.
If they know where the rocks are.

Gelia's Vantage Point process is designed to reveal the best way forward, by building consensus among key players from across the organization. Independent Health, a multi-billion dollar regional health insurance provider in Western New York, was facing some operational challenges. Their team had become siloed, but through our strategy session they began collaborating in a way they never had under their own roof.

Make everyone heard. Then make sense of it.

Vantage Point is about allocating your greatest resources to your greatest areas of opportunity. Gelia helped Independent Health better align their marketing efforts to their business strategy. While also leading the group on how to tackle current marketing megatrends impacting the whole organization.

Independent Health Box

the two key revelations.

The group learned that they didn't have to spend more, just spend more effectively.

A brand position emerged that reshaped the market and left the competition playing catch-up.

The RedShirt® Treatment

Through the workshop discussions, Gelia locked onto Independent Health's culture of personal caring and innovation and translated that into a brand position that has defined the company for more than a decade.



Jumped from #3 in the marketplace to #1.

Record-high message recall, message effectiveness and brand awareness scores, both aided and unaided.

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