test, learn, adapt. repeat.

Professionals use Stanley Black & Decker storage products across countless industries – from military to automotive to health care. Gelia developed an approach to online advertising that maximized both reach and budget. By regularly optimizing our creative based on the user's behavior, we were able to deliver a far more relevant message to the audience.

A highly personalized landing page.

Whatever is the best entry point for a particular customer, they'll get to it easily. Find your industry quickly, use tools to figure out your specs, talk to someone right away. This approach gets us close to the ideal of one-to-one communication, in a way that allows us to track the activity.

what can you optimize? well…

Images, color, message, tone, call to action, video vs. static image, static vs. animated, ad extensions, device, day of week, time of day, geo location, demographics and landing page content.

Best ad type for the best time and best place

Building the ads in a modular way allowed us to react to any significant changes reflected in the analytics.

decrease in Facebook cost per lead

decrease in search cost per lead

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