so many new tactics to deploy.
how do you tie it all together?

To surround the audience for the launch of Purolator’s new cabin air filter, Gelia took advantage of the latest channel and martech opportunities. The real key was to carefully manage the mix, coordination and tracking of this broad range of tactics. Otherwise, it would be a shotgun approach with spotty attribution.

Everything but holograms.

Programmatic video ads

Advanced tactics included: Programmatic video and display ads. Audio streaming. Traditional radio. Digital TV. Paid social ads. Paid search. Amazon promotion. Email marketing. Not to mention the earned and owned channels tied into the campaign.

Target your audience

Factor in three distinct audiences, with version testing, and you have an even more intricate gameboard to manage. Gelia strategists seamlessly integrated the insights of our internal subject matter experts and our media partners. Along with advanced martech reporting capabilities to prove attribution.


Across all tactics, the campaign generated 183+ million impressions.

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