2 million people wouldn't watch an oil filter video. Would they?

Gelia created a strong brand thematic for Purolator: Nothing Gets By Us.® Sometimes that means creating a product-driven piece about the advanced thinking that goes into their filtration technology. But on social media, it means finding more interesting ways to express the brand position. In this case, we had some fun trying to pull a prank on our customers.

Real customers. Real oil change shop. Fake mechanic.

Gelia hid cameras all over the shop to capture customer reactions when our mechanic told them that they needed a new "Pomeranian Clamp." Or that we found an oven mitt in their engine. Or that their vehicle was used in a felony. The genuine reactions made for some highly engaging social media content that standard product information could never garner.

  • Video: You Found What in my Engine?
  • Video: Circus Peanuts and Stuffing Mix
  • Video: That's Not My Wig
  • Video: Rubber Conducts Static
  • Video: A Whisk and a Felony
  • Video: Buggin' Out
  • Video: Is That a Human Car?
  • Video: Percolators and Wasabi Fluid

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